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Italian South African

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Newsletter April 2015

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1-4 Aprile Expoferroviaria, Torino 10-12 Aprile Miart, Milano 14-19 Aprile Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano 16-17 Aprile Nuce, Bologna 16-17 Aprile Food-ing, Bologna 17-19 Aprile Cosmofarma, Bologna 24 Apriile-3 Maggio Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato, Firenze

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ASSEMBLEA ANNUALE DELLA CAMERA DI COMMERCIO ITALO SUDAFRICANA 2015 Si e’ svolta il 19 marzo 2015 la consueta assemblea generale annuale dei soci della Camera di Commercio Italo-Sudafricana presso l’Italian Club di Johannesburg, a Bedfordview. Alla presenza del Presidente Antonio Cimato, si e’ riunito l’intero corpo dei Direttori con la gradita partecipazione del Dott. Paolo Bonissone e del Dott. Pierguido Sarti in rappresentanza dell’Ambasciata Italiana in Sudafrica. Il Presidente Cimato, in seguito ad una breve presentazione dei progetti e delle iniziative future e delle mete raggiunte nell’anno appena conclusosi, ha provveduto alla presentazione del nuovo consiglio direttivo per il 2015/16, eletto durante la medesima riunione. Antonio Cimato (Efficient Engineering) – Presidente Paolo Cavalieri (Hollard) – Vice Presidente Roberto Marcer (Simarca)– Tesoriere Direttori: Maurizio Mariano (BBM Law), Costantino Buccimazza (BPB Construction), Stefano Vigoriti (Inter Logistics), Luigi Stravino (BLC Plant), Margaret Giustizieri (Cremalat Cheese), Roberto Bona (FIAT Group Automobiles South Africa) Il Presidente ha invitato tutti i soci ad interagire con la Camera di Commercio Italo-Sudafricana per ogni iniziativa ed opportunità di collaborazione.

[email protected] tel. 0116153906

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ITALIAN-SOUTH AFRICAN CHAMBER OF TRADE AND INDUSTRIES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2015 The Annual General Meeting of the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries took place on March 19 at the Italian Club of Johannesburg, in Bedfordview. In attendance was the President Mr. Antonio Cimato, the Board of Directors gathered together with the much appreciated participation of Dr. Paolo Bonissone and Dr. Pierguido Sarti from the Italian Embassy in South Africa. The President gave a brief presentation of future projects and initiatives and a quick glance over the goals achieved in the last year, and presented the newly elected Executive Board for 2015/16. Antonio Cimato (Efficient Engineering) – President Paolo Cavalieri (Hollard)– Vice President Roberto Marcer (Simarca) – Treasurer Directors: Maurizio Mariano (BBM Law), Costantino Buccimazza (BPB Construction), Stefano Vigoriti (Inter Logistics), Luigi Stravino (BLC Plant), Margaret Giustizieri (Cremalat Cheese), Roberto Bona (FIAT Group Automobiles South Africa) Tony Cimato invites all the members of the Italian South-African Chamber of Trade and Industries to interact with each other with regard to every venture and opportunity of cooperation the future will hold.

[email protected] tel. 0116153906

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During the week of the 16th to the 22nd of March South Africa was the center stage of the event “Expo 2015 Milano Open Day”, aimed at promoting EXPO 2015 Milan among the South African public and spread its objectives and themes. The event was the result of a joint effort from Sandown Tours & Incentives, which obtained the patronage from EXPO Milan, together with the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries, and the support of the Italian Embassy in South Africa, the Italian Consulate in Johannesburg, the Italian Consulate in Cape Town, as well as the ICE office in Johannesburg. The purpose was to promote EXPO 2015among South Africans, showcase its themes promoting food, environment and sustainable development. As explained by Cosimo Brescia, President of Sandown Travel:” I am an Italian entrepreneur who has been living in South Africa for over 30 years, in Johannesburg to be precise. Being an Italian abroad, I regard EXPO as an event of fundamental importance for Italy, as well as a platform from where to show the excellence of our country. I am sad that South Africa, my adopting country, won’t join in as exhibitor and, after my recent travel to Milan during which I wanted to see with my own eyes the exhibition site, I thought I should find a way to inform and explain to the South African people what EXPO is and why is it important to join. I have thus begun to work with my contacts, both institutional and private, and from that emerged the idea of creating an event totally devoted to EXPO Milano 2015. It has been thought of as a meeting place between schools, universities and companies in which discuss over the topics of food security and environmental challenges, and where EXPO 2015 can be adequately promoted, as well as the Italian spirit that generated it.”

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The whole week commencing from the 16th until the 22nd of March was devoted to EXPO 2015 Milan, with an info point set up at the Sandton City mall. The aim of the info point was to supply detailed information to the South African public about EXPO, its history, its meaning, its significance, its evolution over time and its importance in reflecting themes of global relevance. It also addressed the possibilities of travelling and staying in Italy to participate in a globally important event taking the opportunity to discover Italy in a unique experience. Despite South Africa not being an exhibitor country at EXPO, the interest shown in the event, the project of presentation and promotion by the South African public has been extremely positive and encouraging and it has confirmed the success of this important initiative. The keynote speaker was Edoardo Alzetta. Ticketing Manager of EXPO 2015 Milano. In his speech he presented the data regarding EXPO Milan: 144 participant countries, more than 50 national pavilions, and 9 clusters in which pavilions are grouped according to themes and geography, 3 international organizations as official participants, 12 organizations of civil society with 20 million visitors anticipated. Mr. Alzetta discussed the significance of this EXPO edition and its themes, the opportunities it offers in terms of economy, business and tourism both at Italian and international level. Riccardo Negrini of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Catholic University of Milan then spoke to the audience, and his compelling speech highlighted the focus of the central themes of EXPO 2015: agriculture, food, sustainable development, environment and technological innovations in agriculture. Also well received were the informative talks by Gustavo Pancaldi, Commercial Director of Alessandro Rosso Group, who are the main reseller of the EXPO event; that of Francesco Pilli, coordinator of Sandown Travels Italy; John Friel, Regional Business Development Manager of the airline Etihad (who are working in a partnership with Alitalia), are the official airline of EXPO 2015 Milan, and that of Gaetano Giudice, President of the society Dante Alighieri.

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On the morning of the 17th of March the delegation of EXPO 2015 Milan was received in an official visit at the Italian Consulate of Johannesburg. Part of the delegation is the magnificent mascot Foody. Foody represents the community, the diversity and food intended in its widest sense, the source of life and energy. For this reason the mascot is made up of 11 elements joined together to form a face, this represents the ideal synergy between countries that need to work together to address the nutritional challenges of the new century. In South Africa Foody visited a few landmarks which are most relevant to the country, its identity, history and culture. These included the statue of Nelson Mandela in Mandela Square, a symbol of the fight for freedom and racial equality that is perhaps the most relevant element in defining the country’s identity and its civil society; the Cape of Good Hope, which symbolizes the extreme geographic limit of the country as well as Table Mountain and Simon’s Town. All the events and the initiatives realized in South Africa to promote EXPO 2015 Milan have been possible thanks to the sponsors that have supported the project: Alitalia and Etihad airlines, Fiat, Ferrero, Sandown Travels & Incentives. On the 17th, after the official visit to the Consulate, the delegation of EXPO 2015 Milan went to the info point at Sandton City for the ribbon cutting ceremony by Mr. Alzetta. From there they flew to Cape Town, where on the 18th of March the second big event of promotion of EXPO 2015 Milan was held. The event in Cape Town was a business breakfast organized at the Clock Tower Conference Center by the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries, in conjunction with Sandown Travels with the cooperation of the Italian Consulate in Cape Town and with the valued support of the Consul Mr. Edoardo Vitali. The event was attended by 70 guests, among whom media, institutional representatives and representatives of the Italian community, such as the Fogolar Furlan were present. Consul Mr. Vitali was the key note speaker and he reiterated the importance of EXPO 2015 Milan. He passed the microphone to Mr. Alzetta, who in his speech once more outlined the objectives and the results that have been set as goal with the Milanese edition of EXPO.

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The morning was concluded by the speech from Cosimo Brescia, who thanked all the sponsors and all those who worked to make this project possible enabling the promotion of EXPO 2015 Milan in South Africa. He emphasized the importance of taking part in an event whose importance is not limited to the Italian context but involves the global context as well.

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Il 25 Febbraio 2015 l’evento atteso da tutti coloro che amano il design italiano, il Made in Italy, l’alta qualita’ e l’arredamento casa ha avuto luogo a Johanessburg, dove il gruppo Colombini Casa ha inaugurato ufficialmente il proprio ingresso nel mercato Sudafricano. Il progetto e’ stato sposato dall’impresa Diva Cucine, partner e distributrice in Sudafrica dei prodotti Colombini Casa, e ha quindi segnato un importante passo avanti nel rapporto commerciale Italia-Sudafrica. Colombini Casa, da oltre 50 anni leader del mercato italiano e internazionale per l’arredo casa, lavora ogni giorno per adeguare il mito dell’aritigianato e della tradizione italiana allo scorrere del tempo e al cambiamento dei gusti, senza mai abbandonare i valori da cui e’ nata: qualita, made in Italy, innovazione. Colombini Casa e’ infatti la perfetta fusione di gusto estetico, eleganza italiana, stile made in Italy, qualita’ artigiana, passione per l’avanguardia e accessibilita’. Questi valori, che sono l’essenza stessa del marchio Colombini Casa, hanno accompagnato l’esportazione del design Colombini nel mondo: dal 2005 negozi Colombini Casa si trovano non solo nelle principali citta’ europee ma anche in Cina, Medio Oriente, America e, dal 25 Febbraio 2015, Sudafrica. L’ingresso nel mercato Sudafricano e’ quindi il risultato del progetto di espansione di Colombini Casa, che ha trovato in un mercato in continua crescita come quello sudafricano, nuove opportunita’ di esportare nel mondo i propri valori e i propri prodotti per la casa. L’evento che ha marcato il grand opening di Colombini, tenutosi in435 Jan Smuts Avenue Blairgowrie dove il nuovo negozio e’ stato aperto, e’ iniziato fin dal mattino, con una prima funzione alla quale hanno preso parte architetti e specialisti di interior design.

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La seconda parte dell’evento si e’ tenuta a partire dalle 18 e ha visto partecipare i rappresentanti di numerose imprese italiane attive in Sudafrica, nonche’ i rappresentanti dell’ Ambasciata Italiana in Sudafrica e della Camera di Commercio italo-sudafricana. Momenti culminanti dell’evento sono stati il discorso di Paolo Bonissone, Primo Segretario dell’Ambasciata Italiana in Sudafrica e presente all’evento in sua rappresentanza, il discorso di benvenuto di Laird Adams e quello di Luca Innocentini e, ovviamente, il ribbon cut che ha visto in prima linea Craig Adam e Laird Adam (Diva Cucine ) e Luca Innocentini (Colombini Casa). Fin dalla fondazione nel 1965 Colombini Casa non si e’ mai arrestata nel progetto di offrire ad ognuno la propria casa dei sogni, e l’evento del 25 Febbraio 2015 e’ il messaggio che ora e’ possibile anche in Sudafrica realizzare il proprio sogno di una casa su misura, perfettamente adattata ai gusti e alle esigenze di ognuno. E una casa cosi’ porta il marchio Colombini.

Per maggiorni informazioni su Colombini Casa, contattare Anthea Adam 0027 82 328 3822 [email protected] oppure Craig Adam 0027 82 650 0289 [email protected]

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On the 25th of February 2015, the much anticipated event for all those who love Italian design, Made in Italy, high quality and home furniture took place in Johannesburg. Colombini Casa celebrated its entrance into the South African market. The project was endorsed by the company, Diva Cucine, who are partner and distributor in South Africa for the products from Colombini Casa, and this marks an important step forward in the commercial relation between Italy and South Africa. Colombini Casa, leader in the Italian and international market of home furniture for over 50 years, works constantly to maintain and adapt the quality of Italian handicraft and tradition to the passing of time and the changing of tastes, without abandoning the values from which it was born: quality, made in Italy and innovation. Colombini is indeed the perfect fusion of aesthetic taste, Italian elegance, style, handicraft quality, passion for vanguard and accessibility. These values, which are the essence of the brand Colombini Casa, have accompanied the export of Colombini’s design around the world. Since 2005 Colombini Casa shops are not only in the main European cities but also in China, Middle East, America and now from 25 February 2015 available in South Africa. The entrance into the South African market is the result of the expansion project of Colombini Casa that looks for growing markets such as the South African one. Identifying new opportunities to export around the world, sharing its values and its home products. The event which has marked Colombini’s grand opening was held at 435 Jan Smuts Avenue Blairgowrie, where the new showroom has been opened. The opening started with a function attended by architects and specialists in interior design. The second part of the event followed at 6 pm and saw the participation of many representatives of Italian companies operating in South Africa, as well as the representatives of the Italian Embassy in South Africa and of the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade.



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Paolo Bonissone, First Secretary of the Italian Embassy in South Africa and its representative at the event gave a key note speech, followed by a welcoming speech from Laird Adam and that of Luca Innocentini and finally, the auspicious ribbon cut, which saw in first line Craig Adam and Laird Adam (Diva Cucine) and Luca Innocentini (Colombini Casa). Since 1965 Colombini Casa has never abandoned it’s project of offering to everyone their own dream home, and the event on the 25th of February is the realization that now in South Africa it is also possible to realize one’s own dream of a home perfectly adapted to each one’s tastes and needs.

For more info about Colombini Casa, please contact Anthea Adam 082 328 03822 or Craig Adam 082 650 0289 [email protected]

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