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Transcript of PROGRAMMA DI INGLESE - Liceo Vittorio Emanuele · PROGRAMMA DI INGLESE Classe I B Docente : G....

Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II - Napoli


Classe I B

Docente : G. Cimino

Libri di testo : Spiazzi Tavella Layton , Performer B1 , Zanichelli

Brook- Hart, Complete First 2nd , Cambridge University Press

Spiazzi-Tavella, Performer Heritage 1 , Zanichelli


Performer B1 Volume 2

Unit 9 The natural world Grammar : Say and tell reported speech causative verbs : make , get, have , let Communication : Defending , contradicting and persuading Vocabulary : animals and natural landscape

Pet : listening Part 2

Culture and skills : wildlife and natural landscape

Unit 10

Grammar : Modal verbs for the past : must have , may have , might have , could have , cant have , should

have , ought to have - Reported questions

Vocabulary : Crime and punishment Crime and social problems

Listening : The intonation of reported questions

Communication : At the lost property office

Unit 11

Grammar : The passive Reflexive pronouns Reciprocal pronouns The verb get

Unit 12

Grammar : Third conditional Mixed conditional I wish and if only

Complete First

Unit 1 A family affair

Reading and Use of English : Part 6 : Surviving teenagers Part 2 Doing the chores

Writing : Part 1 : An essay Expressing opinions using although, however, on the other hand


Listening : Young people talking about their families and activities.

Speaking : Part 1 Talking about yourself, your home and your family

Pronunciation : Word stress

Phrasal verbs : get on with, do up etc. - Collocations with make and do.

Grammar Present perfect simple and present continuous

Unit 2 Leisure and pleasure

Reading and use of English : part 5 : My first bike Part 4 : word transformation

Listening : Part 2 : A talk from a games developer.

Speaking : Part 2 : comparing photos of free time activities using discourse markers to structure the


Vocabulary : phrasal verbs and expressions.,+Napoli,+Italy&hl=en&cd=1&ei=WDxcS-DNEJGh_AaPmf2sCQ&ie=UTF8&view=map&cid=11501370728134151279&iwloc=A&ved=0CBYQpQY&sa=X

Grammar : Making comparisons adjectives with ed and ing


1.1 The Origins and the Middle Ages

1.2 1.1 From Pre-Celtic to Roman Britain : Pre.Celtic Britain _ The Celts The Romans

1.3 1.2 The Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings : The Anglo- Saxons Christianisation The Danes Alfred the


1.4 1.3The Norman Conquest and the Domesday Book : The Battle of Hastings The consequences of the


1.5 1.4Anarchy and Henry Plantagenet : Anarchy Henry II

1.6 1.5From Magna Carta to the Peasants Revolt : King John and Magna Carta Hnry III and Simon de

Montfort Edward I and Model Parliament Edward iii and the order of the Garter . The Peasants


Internet point : Magna Carta

Towards B2 Reading and use of English Part 5 : John Wycliffe and a linguistic reevolution Listening Part

2 : The Black Death

1.6 The War of the Roses

Internet point : Focus on Richard III : The skeleton in the car park :

Literature and Genres

1.7 The development of poetry : AngloSaxon literature - The main features of Anglo-Saxon poetry The medieval lyric The metrical romances - The medieval ballad The father of English literature 1.8 The epic poem and the pagan elegy 1.9 The medieval ballad 1.10 The medieval narrative poem Authors and texts 1.11 Beowulf: a National epic

T3, Beowulfs funeral From text to screen : Beowulf

Across cultures : The monster 1.12 Medieval ballads

T4, Geordie T5, Lord Randal The Holland Handkerchief *

Link to contemporary culture : The ballad through time Bob Dylan Blowin in the wind Bob Dylan A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall *

1.13 Geoffrey Chaucer : biography literary production The Canterbury Tales : Plot Structure and style Setting Characters Themes

T7, The Prioress T8, The Merchant T9, The Wife of Bath The Pardoners Tale *

Topic 1 Magna Carta and the fight of human rights - Bob Marley Get up, Stand up

Bobby Sands My day will come - Malala Yousafzai

1. The Renaissance 2.1 The early Tudors : Henry VII Hnry VIII Edward VI _ Mary I 2.2 Elizabeth I : The Virgin Queen The Royl progress Danger from Scotland Exploring the sea The defeat of the Spanish Armada Literature and genres 2.6 Sonnets T12, My mistress eyes 2.8 The development of drama Internet point : The new Globe 2.10 William Shakespeare biography 2.11 Shakespeare the dramatist - Shakespearean Plays : general features Toward B2 Reading and use of English Part 7 Why are many of Shakespeares plays set abroad? Listening Part 3 : Shakespeare at the movie Romeo and Juliet : Plot Setting Characters Themes Style

T14, The prologue T15, The masque T16, The balcony scene Exercises;Act III Scene 5, The wedding night *

From text to screen : West Side Story Macbeth : Plot Setting Characters Themes Style

T25 The three witches Act I Scene 3, Unexpected news* T26 Duncans murder

Focus on The Weird Sisters

Webquest : Celts Roman rule Anglo-Saxons - Storytelling through maps (tool: Storymap JS) -- #blackhistorymonth - First Folio -Robert Burns Day - Auld Lang Syne The Irish Question UDA : Figurative use of language in Shakeserares plays Class padlet 1B Our wonderful padlet Lit IB Napoli, giugno 2017

La docente

Giovanna Cimino