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    BIBLIOGRAFA:Ediciones de Longino:

    De sublimitatePeri hypsous : [Libellus de sublimitate Dionysio Longino Fere

    Adscriptus] / [edizione curata da D.A. Russell]PseudoLong!" s. #[s.l.] : [s.n.]" [$%%&']

    ()ni*ersitat Aut+noma de,arcelona

    Ms detallsDescripci- p.0 $1 cm2ota Reproducci- de l3edici- a cura de

    Autor addicional Russell" D. A.

    8D) 7nstituci-)ni*ersitat de ,arcelona Lletres 9 8aLon;456ord


    4n the sublime / Longinus 0 edited

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    1833. LtrasLletres 177/7/33


    Franois Trmolires, Fnelon et le sublime. Littrature,anthropologie, spiritualit, Paris : Honor Champion, coll. Lumireclassique , 200, !2! p., "#$ !%2!&'(2020.#l C*oue en particulier lEou*rage pionnier de amuel G. HonI TheSublime" $%J&; et les Ku*res dEA. Litman Le Sublime en France, $%$;et de . Gache La Langue du ciel, >???;Dr. Cynthia Freeland, University of Houston

    Negative Aesthetics

    Seminar in Philosophy of Art, Spring !!"

    The Sublime: Selected Bibliography


    #mmanuel $ant, The Critique of Judgement, %&'!, trans. (ames

    Creed )eredith, on*line at

    Donald Cra-ford,Kants Aesthetic Theory1)adison+ University

    of 2isconsin Press, %'&34.

    Paul Cro-ther, The Kantian Sublime: From Morality to Art

    15/ford+ Clarendon Press, %'6'4.

    he antian Aesthetic: From no

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  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    Samuel *) +onk, The Sublime: A Study of Critical Theories in

    EighteenthCentury England (Ne !ork: +odern anguage

    -ssociation, %&'., &/01)

    2st3 pedido en $4

    #ntroducciGn a la En7uiry de Adam Philpps 1Ne- >o, %''!4,

    dem de 9oulton


    Peg 9rand and )yles 9rand, The /eautiful and the Sublime,

    course [email protected] -ith reading lists from #ndiana University, %''&,

    on*line at

    http+---.aesthetics*[email protected]/t.

    Elmer H. Duncan, Syllabus for Aesthetics course at /aylor0ni!ersityI helpful tips on aesthetics @[email protected],

    http+---"[email protected]

    Cynthia A. Freeland, ;??1Abrams" Heyer Go

  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    Altieri" 8harles. Plato3s Per6ormati*eublime and the Nnds o6 Reading.2e< Literary Gistory $1.> $%7&;: >&$J.

    Arac" Sonathan. he Hedia o6 ublimity: Sohnson and Lamb on ingLear. tudies in Romanticism >1.> $%7;: >?%>?.

    Armstrong" Heg. 3he N66ects o6 ,lacIness:3 9ender" Race" and theublime in Aesthetic heories o6 ,urIe and ant. he Sournal o6

    Aesthetics and Art 8riticism &.J $%%1;: >$JJ1.

    As"#ield$ Andre%$ and Peter de Bolla$ eds& T"e Su'li(e: A Reader inBritis" Ei)"teent"*Centur+ Aest"eti T"eor+& Ca('rid)e:Ca('rid)e ,P$ -../&)ni*ersitat Aut+noma de ,arcelona Gumanitats >a planta)ni*ersitat PolitBcnica de 8atalunya ,iblioteca NA,)ni*ersitat PolitBcnica de 8atalunya ,iblioteca NA,)ni*ersitat Pompeu Fabra 8iutadella

    ,al6e" Sudith Guggins. ociology and the ublime. 2e< Literary Gistory$1.> $%7&;: >J%.

    ,araIorisIa" Liliana" and Ha gorzata 2ilIa. A Reading o6 Distance in theantian ublime. he Host ublime Act: Nssays on the ublime. Nd.adeusz Rach$>.

    ,atchelor" tephen. =erses 6rom the 8enter: A ,uddhist =ision o6 theublime. 2e< OorI: Ri*erhead" >???.

    ,eidler" Paul 9. he Postmodern ublime: ant and ony mith3sAnecdote o6 the 8ube. he Sournal o6 Aesthetics and Art 8riticism &J.>$%%&;: $71.

    ,ernstein" tephen. 3Libra3 and the Gistorical ublime. Postmodern8ulture: An Nlectronic Sournal o6 #nterdisciplinary 8riticism .> $%%;

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    ,ialas" Vbignie

  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    8archia" 9ianni. Retorica del ublime. Roma,ari: Laterza" $%%?.

    8ascardi" Anthony S. From the ublime to the 2atural: RomanticResponses to ant. Literature and the Wuestion o6 Philosophy. Nd. A. S.8ascardi. ,altimore: Sohns GopIins )P" $%7. $?$>%.

    8iesliIo. $%>>?&.. he antian ublime: From Horality to Art. 456ord: 8larendon"$%7%.

    8ruse" D.A. Le5ical emantics. 8ambridge: 8ambridge )P" $%%&.

    Dainotto" Raimondo H. he N5cremental ublime: he PostmodernLiterature o6 ,locIage and Release. Postmodern 8ulture: An NlectronicSournal o6 #nterdisciplinary 8riticism J.J $%%J;


  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    De ,olla" Peter. he Discourse o6 the ublime: Readings in Gistory"Aesthetics and the ubMect. 456ord: ,lacI.

    De Luca" =incent Arthur. Qords o6 Nternity: ,laIe and the Poetics o6 theublime. Princeton: Princeton )P" $%%$.

    De Han" Paul. Phenomenality and Hateriality in ant. Germeneutics.Wuestions and Prospects. Nd. 9ary hapiro and Alan ica. Amherst: )Hass P" $%7. $>$.

    Derrida" Sacues. he Parergon. he ruth in Painting. rans. 9eo66,ennington and #an HacLeod. 8hicago: ) o6 8hicago P" $%7. $1$.

    Ndelman" Lee. At RisI in the ublime: the Politics o6 9ender andheory. 9ender and heory: Dialogues on Feminist 8riticism. Nd. Lindaau66man. 456ord: ,lacI.

    Freeman" ,arbara 8laire. he Feminine ublime: 9ender and N5cess inQomen3s Fiction. ,erIeley: ) o6 8ali6ornia P" $%%&.

    Freud" igmund. 2iesamo

  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    o6 8riticism: Hethod and Perception in Literary heory. 2e< Ga*en: Oale)P" $%7J. 71.

    . he Possesion o6 the ublime. tudies in Romanticism >1.>$%7;: $7>?.

    9olasze?.Hi00le$ 1alter 2o"n& T"e Beauti#ul$ t"e Su'li(e and t"e Pitures3uein Ei)"teent" Centur+ Britis" Aest"eti T"eor+& Car'ondale:Sout"ern Illinois ,P$ -.45&Lo ten)o

    Gobbs" 8laire. Qilliam ,laIe and Qalter ,enMamin: )nder the ign o6 theublime. he Host ublime Act: Nssays on the ublime. Nd. adeuszRach

  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    ublime 6rom the Rhetoric Point o6 =ie??$;:J&>.

    . #mage and #magination in the heory o6 the ublime" Literarye5ts and the Arts. #nterdisciplinary Perspecti*es. Nd. 8orrado Federici.2e< OorI: Peter Lang" 6orthcoming.

    . #n6inity in Language. 8onceptualizationo6 the N5perience o6 theublime" 6orthcoming.

    . Hetaphor in the heory o6 the ublime" 6orthcoming.

    Guhn" homas. he antian ublime and the 2ostalgia 6or =iolence.he Sournal o6 Aesthetics and Art 8riticism &J.J $%%&;: >1%&.

    #rlam" haun. he Poetics o6 Nnthusiasm in Nighteenth8entury ,ritain.tan6ord: tan6ord )P" $%%%.

    SaIobson" Roman" and Linda Qaugh. he pell o6 peech ounds. heound hape o6 Language. London: ,loomington" $%%. rans. HariaRenata Hayeno

  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    uhns" Richard. he ,eauti6ul and the ublime. 2e< Literary Gistory$J.> $%7>;: >7J?.

    ulisz" HareI. ublime" the )nclear. he Host ublime Act: Nssayson the ublime. Nd. adeusz Rach;: >$>%.

    Lonnroth" Lars. he 2ordic ublime: he Romantic Redisco*ery o6#celandic Hyth and Legend as ,acIground 6or the Ring. Qagner3s Ringand #ts #celandic ources. Nd. )l6ar ,ragason. ReyIMa*iI: to6nuniguroar 2ordals $%%&. [an electronic copy]

    Lyotard" SeanFrancois. Ans.

    . Lessons on the Analytic o6 the ublime. rans. Nlizabeth
  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    Rottenberg. tan6ord: tan6ord )P" $%%.

    . Presenting the )npresentable: he ublime. rans. LisaLiebmann. Art6orum J $%7>:April;: 11%.

    . he ign o6 Gistory. Poststructuralism and the Wuestion o6Gistory. Nd. DereI Attridge" et al. 8ambridge: 8ambridge )P" $%7. $1>7?.

    . he ublime and the A*antgarde. ArtForum > $%7>;. rans.HareI ,ienczyI 6rom Qznioslosc i aJ$%%1;: $J7%.

    HacIsey" Richard. Longinus Reconsidered. Hodern Language 2otes$?7.& $%%J;: %$JJ.

    Heager" R. he ublime and the 4bscene. ,ritish Sournal o6 Aesthetics.J $%1;: >$>.

    Hishra" =iMay. De*otional Poetics and the #ndian ublime. Albany: tate )o6 2e< OorI P" $%%7.

    . he 9othic ublime. Albany: tate ) o6 2e< OorI P" $%%.

    Hodiano" Raimonda. Gumanism and the 8omic ublime: From ant toFriedrich heodor =ischer. tudies in Romanticism >1.> $%7;: >J$.

    Mon6$ Sa(uel H& T"e Su'li(e: A Stud+ o# Critial T"eories in -/t"*Centur+ En)land& Ne% 7or6: MLA$ -.84&

    Hoore" Sared . he ublime" and 4ther ubordinateNsthetic8oncepts. Sournal o6 Philosophy &.> $%7;: >.


    2esbitt" ate. he ublime and Hodern Architecture: )nmasIing an

    Aesthetic o6; Abstraction. 2e< Literary Gistory >1.$$%%&;: %&$$?.
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    2ietzsche" Friedrich. he ,irth o6 ragedy 6rom the pirit o6 Husic.rans. Franciss 9ol66ing. 8ritical heory ince Plato. Nd. Gazard Adams.Fort Qorth: Garcourt ,race So*ano*ich" $%%>. 1>%JJ.

    2oel" Sustine. pace" ime and the ublime in Gume: A reatise ,ritishSournal o6 Aesthetics J.J $%%;: >$7>&.

    2oggle" Sames. he Qittgensteinian ublime. 2e< Literary Gistory>.$%%1;: 1?&$%.

    2ycz" Ryszard. 3Qyrazanie nie?.$ $%77;: $?&>$.

    Paulson" Ronald. =ersions o6 a Guman ublime. 2e< Literary Gistory$1.> $%7&;: >J.

    PlucienniI" Sarosla???.


  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    ublime Act: Nssays on the ublime. Nd. adeusz Rach$%7%;:$&>1$.

    RogozinsIi" Sacob. he 9i6t o6 the Qorld. 46 the ublime: Presence inWuestion. rans. Se66rey . Librett. Nd. SeanFrancois 8ourtine" et al.

    Albany: tate ) o6 2e< OorI P" $%%J. $JJ&1.

    hapiro" 9ary. From the ublime to the Political: ome Gistorical 2otes.2e< Literary Gistory $1.>$%7&;: >$JJ&.

    il*erman" Gugh S." and 9ary N. Ayles

  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    arn" 2athaniel. Fresh Frozen Feni5: Random 2otes on the ublime" the,eauti6ul" and the )gly in the Postmodern Nra. 2e< Literary Gistory $1.>$%7&;: $>&.


    =alesio" Paolo. Declensions: D3Annunzio a6ter the ublime. 2e $%7&;: ?$$&.

    =erstraete" 9inette. Fragments o6 the Feminine ublime in Friedrichchlegel and Sames Soyce. Albany: tate ) o6 2e< OorI P" $%%7.

    =ischer" Friedrich heoclor. )ber das Nrhabene und omische. FranI6urt:uhrIamp =erlag" $%1.

    =oller" SacI. 9. he upernatural ublime. he Hetaphysics o6 error inAngloAmerican Romanticism. Dealb: 2orthern #llinois )P" $%%.

    Qallis" Hieczysla

  • 8/12/2019 BIBLIOGRAFA de los sublime.doc


    QicIs" Robert. ant on Fine Art: Artistic ublimity haped by ,eauty.he Sournal o6 Aesthetics and Art 8riticism &J.> $%%&;: $7%%J.

    Qilliams" Anne. Art o6 DarIness: A Poetics o6 9othic. 8hicago: ) o68hicago P" $%%&.

    Qilson" Rob. American ublime: he 9enealogy o6 a Poetic 9enre.Hadison: ) o6 Qisconsin P" $%%$.

    Qilton" Andre

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    All ne% ite(s


    2ournal artiles


    Bro%se '+ area

    All Cate)ories

    Meta0"+sis and E0iste(olo)+




    P"iloso0"+ o# Ation

    P"iloso0"+ o# Lan)ua)e

    P"iloso0"+ o# Mind

    P"iloso0"+ o# Reli)ion

    M9E$ Mis

    alue T"eor+


    A00lied Et"is


    Nor(ati;e Et"is

    P"iloso0"+ o# Gender$ Rae$ and Se

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    Euro0ean P"iloso0"+

    P"iloso0"+ o# t"e A(erias

    P"iloso0"ial Traditions$ Misellaneous

    P"iloso0"+$ Mis

    P"iloso0"+$ Introdutions and Ant"olo)ies

    P"iloso0"+$ General 1or6s

    P"iloso0"+$ Misellaneous

    Ot"er Aade(i Areas

    Natural Sienes

    Soial Sienes

    Co)niti;e Sienes

    For(al Sienes

    Arts and Hu(anities

    Pro#essional Areas

    Ot"er Aade(i Areas$ Mis

    Bro%se ournals




    In (+ #oru(s

    In t"e 0ro#ession

    A'out P"ilPa0ers

    Pa0er disussions

    Si)n in

    Si)n in


    I;e #or)otten (+ 0ass%ord

    Su'(it (aterial

    Su'(it a 'oo6 or artile

    ,0load a 'i'lio)ra0"+

    Personal 0a)es %e tra6

    Ar"i;es %e tra6

    In#or(ation #or 0u'lis"ers

    Hel0 9 (ore


    Fre3uentl+ As6ed Duestions

    Editors Guide

    T"e Cate)oriation Proet

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    For Ar"i;e Ad(ins

    Contat us

    P"ilPa0ers Sur;e+s


    Bar)ain Finder

    A'out P"ilPa0ersO##*a(0us aess
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    )sing PhilPapers 6rom home'8licI hereto con6igure this bro

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    them to e5press ambi*alence about the emerging social order.2o categories\J.$7 used \J.$% ne??1;. The Sublime.Routledge.46ten labelled as indescribable" the sublime is a term that has been debated 6orcenturies amongst ??&;. Sublimity: The *on-"ational and the +rrational in the #istory ofAestheticsRoutledge.#n the history o6 aesthetics" 6e< concepts ha*e been as po

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    6rom its emergence in the eighteenth century to its resurgence in contemporaryaesthetics. ublimity addresses the nature o6 the sublime e5perience itsel6" and the6unction that e5perience has played" and continues to play"

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    Applied ethics Npistemology Gistory o6 Qestern PhilosophyPhilosophy o6 biology Philosophy o6 language Philosophy o6 mind P

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    details regarding the pri*acy implications;.

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