Seminario Paolo Maggi, 24-05-2012

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Il seminario mostra come le moderne tecnologie di Cloud Computing possono essere applicate per migliorare l'utilizzabilità e l'efficacia di strumenti di simulazione e di analisi di dati ambientali, con grandi vantaggi dal punto di vista della semplificazione dei flussi di lavoro.

Transcript of Seminario Paolo Maggi, 24-05-2012

  • Tecnologie Cloud per la fornitura di applicazioni ambientali HPC in modalit SaaS Paolo Maggi R&D ManagerCopyright NICE - 2012
  • Tecnologie Cloud per la fornitura di applicazioni ambientali HPC in modalit SaaS Software High as Performance a Computing ServiceCopyright NICE - 2012
  • What is High Performance Computing? Refers to the use of supercomputers or clusters of computers to solve difficult computational problems that typically arise through scientific inquiry. Computer users turn to HPC when a problem is too large to solve on a conventional laptop or workstation or runs too slowly it requires too much memory or disk space the algorithm is complex the dataset is large data access is slowCopyright NICE - 2012
  • When we need HPC? To do a time-consuming operation in less time I am an aircraft engineer I need to run a simulation to test the stability of the wings at high speed Id rather have the result in 5 minutes than in 5 days so that I can complete the aircraft final design soonerCopyright NICE - 2012
  • When we need HPC? To do an operation before a tighter deadline I am a weather prediction agency I am getting input from weather stations/sensors Id like to make the forecast for tomorrow before tomorrowCopyright NICE - 2012
  • When we need HPC? To do a high number of operations per seconds I am an engineer of My Web server gets 1,000 hits per seconds Id like my web server and my databases to handle 1,000 transactions per seconds so that customers do not experience bad delaysCopyright NICE - 2012
  • How to get my answer faster? Work harder Get faster hardware Work smarter Use optimized algorithms (libraries!) Write faster code (adapt to match hardware) Trade convenience for performance (e.g. compiled program vs. script program) Delegate parts of the work Parallelize code Use accelerators (GPGPU/CUDA)Copyright NICE - 2012
  • Leveraging parallelismCopyright NICE - 2012
  • Leveraging parallelism Functional parallelism Different people are performing different tasks at the same timeCopyright NICE - 2012
  • Leveraging parallelism Data parallelism Different people are performing the same task, but on different (equivalent) objectsCopyright NICE - 2012
  • What a cluster is A cluster needs: Several computers, nodes, often in special cases for easy mounting in a rack One or more networks (interconnections) to hook the nodes together Software that allows the nodes to communicate with each other (e.g. MPI) Software, called Distributed Resource Manager (DRM), that manage resources and assign them to individual users and computational jobs (e.g. LSF, PBS, SGE, ) A cluster is: all of those components working together to form one big computer (to give you answers in a fast way)Copyright NICE - 2012
  • How a cluster looks like?Copyright NICE - 2012
  • What is Cloud Computing?Copyright NICE - 2012
  • A working definition of Cloud Computing (NIST) Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model promotes availability Composed of five essential characteristics three service models four deployment modelsCopyright NICE - 2012
  • The NIST Cloud definition framework On Demand Self-ServiceEssential Broad Network Access Rapid ElasticityCharacteristics Resource Pooling Measured ServiceService Software as a Platform as a Infrastructure as aModels Service (SaaS) Service (PaaS) Service (IaaS) Hybrid CloudsDeploymentModels Private Community Public Cloud Cloud CloudCopyright NICE - 2012
  • Cloud Computing OfferingsCopyright NICE - 2012
  • About NICE Pioneer in Technical and Engineering Cloud solutions 14 years experience with enterprise Grid/Cloud solutions throughout all industries Worked closely with ISV and HW vendors Headquarters: Italy since the beginning Offices: USA, Germany Strong relationship with Research and Academia Core business: Access to Grid / HPC solutions and Remote Visualization EnginFrame Grid Portal product line DCV Remote Visualization technology Other relevant competencies Distributed Resource Management Grid Intelligence Visualization technology integrationCopyright NICE - 2012
  • NICE Customers and Market SegmentsEnergy Aerospace & ManufacturingAddax Petroleum, AECL, Hess, Bayerngas, AIRBUS, Air Products and Chemicals,BHP Billiton, Beicip, British Gas, Centrica, Procter&Gamble, SelexGalileo, GoodrichChevron, Conoco-Phillips, Dong, Dowell, Aerospace, Hamilton Sunstrand, KimberlyDSC-Libya, ENI/Agip, GazPromNeft, GDF, Clarke, Magellan Aerospace, Nordam,Logelco, Maersk Oil, Marathon Oil, Nexen, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, ThalesNovatek, Papuan Oil, Rosneft,Schlumberger, Shengli Oil, Sonatrach, Automotive & Industrial EquipmentStatoil, Talisman Energy, TNK-BP, TNNC, Audi, ARRK, Bridgestone, Bosch, Daimler,TOTAL, WesternGeco, Xinjiang Oil Delphi, Dow Chemical, FIAT, Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar-Land Rover, Lear, MagnetiLife Sciences Marelli, McLaren, P+Z, PSA, Tata Steel,Bayer, Biolab, DEISA project, Swiss Institute Toyota, TRW, Volkswagenfor Bioinformatics, Partners Healthcare,Pharsight, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Research & Education ASSC, Beihang Uni, CCLRC, CILEA, CNR,Others CNRS/IN2P3, ENEA, Georgia State Uni,Accent, Samsung SDI, SensorDynamics, INFN, RMSC, Harvard Uni, Messina Uni,Bank of Italy, Deutsche Bank Huazhong Normal Uni, Yale UniCopyright NICE - 2012
  • The NICE Grand Vision Internal Resources Administrators Partner & Managers Supplier Customer Multi-Tenancy & Collaboration services HPC Centers, Public Clouds, UserCopyright NICE - 2012
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