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Cóclea de alimentaciòn C062
Motor power Puissance Potenza Potencia motor kW 0,4 hp 0,5
Flow rate Capacitè Capacità Volume dm3/giro in3
1,34 82
Conditioner Conditionneur Condizionatore Acondicionator M160.810
Diameter Diamètre Diametro Diámetro mm 160 in 6,3
Lenght Longeur Lunghezza Longitud mm 810 in 31,9
Volum Volume Volume Volumen dm3 16,28 ft3 0,6
Motor power Puissance Potenza Potencia motor kW 0,5 hp 0,7
Pellet mill Bloc Bloc Presse Blocco Pressa Bloque prensa 200
Main motor power Puissance moteur principal
Potenza motore principale Motor Principal
kW hp
11 15 14,96 20,0
Main pulley Poulie conduit Puleggia cond. Polea principal mm 600 in 23,6
Die speed Vitesse filiere Velocità filiera Velocidad matriz m/sec 2,4 ft/sec 7,75
Belts Courroies Cinghie Correas n.4 belts type 5V-950
Die Filiere Trafila Matriz Lamec
Inner diameter Diamètre int. Diametro interno Diámetro int. mm 200 in 7,87
Working width Largeur utile Larghezza utile Anchura de trabajo mm 35 in 1,38
Total width Largeur totale Larghezza totale Anchura total mm 62 in 2,44
Working surface Superficie Superficie utile Superficie útil dm2 2,20 in2 34,1
Roll type Galets Rulli tipo Rodillos Lamec 200.035 Lamec
N. rolls N. de galets N. rulli N. rodillos 2 2
Diameter Diamètre Diametro Diámetro mm 96 in 3,78
Bloc press Bloc press Blocco pressa Peso del bloque
Without main motor Sans moteur principal Motore principale escluso Sin el motor principal kg 415 lb 915
With main motor Avec moteur principal Motore principale incluso Con el motor principal kg 505 lb 1113
Screw feeder and conditioner
Peso del alimentador y del acondicionador kg 145 lb 320
Total Weight Poids Total Peso totale Peso total
Main motor excluded Moteur principal exclu
Motore principale escluso
Main motor included Moteur principal inclu Motore principale incluso
Motor principal incluido kg 653 lb 1439
CLM 200
an IM
aL F
EE ds
www. lameccanica . i t
Capacity: 150 - 300 kg/h Overall dimension: 800 x 1200 x 1930 mm
This pelleT mill is exTremely small but has the same technical features as its larger ‘sisters’. In fact, it is equipped with a variable speed metering screw, an independently driven blade conditioner and a press block with ring die installed on a cast-iron base. Created to perform pellet milling tests at university laboratories, it later found application on small farms that prefer to produce their own animal feed.
CLM 200
an IM
aL F
EE ds
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