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Circuit Breakers

Submitted by:Al-shaimaa Mohamed Mahmoud

Eman Mohamed LithyHuda Yahia Ekram

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Submitted to : Eng. Atef

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Contents• Introduction• Components• Types• Process• Final product

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INTRODUCTIONA circuit breaker is an automatically operate electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overcurrent or over load or short circuit.

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Magnetic components

غ�ر�ف�ة� ا�ل�ش�ر�ا�ر�ة


Thermal components


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Types of CB• Air CB (MCB “Miniature circuit breaker”)• Vacuum CB• SF6 CB• Oil CB

In bticino MCB is manufactured

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MCB’s process in bticino

• Magnetic components assembling• Thermal components assembling• Assembling• Testing • Finishing

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Magnetic componentsالدليل

بالستيك•سوستة•ثابت • قلبمتحرك • قلب•pins

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Magnetic componentsAssembling

• Coil• Frame• دليل

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Magnetic componentsاللحام

ال • ال frameلحام معcoil

ال • مع الترملة لحامframe

When the current pass the “دليل” moves so the pin moves and the switch becomes off

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Magnetic componentsFinally…

Dimensions of the coil and the color of the ““دليل change with change of Ampere

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Thermal parts

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• Braided wireBraided wires are better conductors than solid wires. Braided wires do not break easily when flexed.• Bimetal

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كونتاكت • موبيل

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ترملة•للتوصيل طرف

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شرارة • موجهلل الشرارة metal chutesلتوجيه

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Pinsو قفل وحامل pin قفل

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How it worksWhen overload happens, higher current passes through the braided wire, the heating effect of current heats up the bi-metal until the tripping point is reached causes the bi-metal to bend which pulls the U-part which in turn pulls the lever

of the switch …the breaker trips.

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Testing (Calibration Room)Magnetic Test

• Range• Testing (okay

OR Aperto)

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Testing (Calibration Room)Thermal Test

Two Processes :• Calibration: To make

sure of Bimetal’s position

• Verification: To make sure of thermal parts

The Two types of range are exist in a range paper

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بالتشميع • المعايرة مسمار ربط يتم



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Finishingالمسامير تشميع

There are two types

High Ampere:المسامير بواسطة البرشمة يتم

لن بالبالستيك البرشمة النالعالية التيارات تستحمل

Low Ampere:البالستيك برشمة يتم

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Finishingfinal stage

For High Ampere:تركيب السدادةيتم

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Finishingfinal stage

الهواء مفكيتم • والصغير العالى لالمبير

المفك خالل من الهواء دفعالترملة نزول ليتم

التركيب • لسهولة

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Finishingfinal stage

والجرار الباغة• : تركيب يتم العالى لالمبير

السدادة على الباغةيتم • والعالى الصغير لالمبير

الجرار تركيب

الجرار كبس يتم ثم

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Finishingfinal stage

اكلشيه•باركود•تعبئة •

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Final product

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Thank you…