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  • Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines: IdentifyingPriority Shorelines for Ecologically-Enhanced Designs

    Sarah Lipuma, Student Conservation Association & Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve Kacie Giuliano, NYSDEC Hudson River Estuary Program & NEIWPCC

    Example Site: Esopus Meadows PreserveDesign: vegetated geogrids, live stakes and stone Removed degraded building, bulkhead, and impervious surfaces Built erosion resistant, publicly accessible waterfront park and paddler respite Used natural features to improve habitat and recreational use Survived hurricanes Irene, Lee and SandyDesigner: Sven Hoeger of Creative Habitat Corp.Owner: Scenic Hudson

    Before: October 2003

    Post build: June 2006

    After: Spring 2012

    Wrack line post Hurricane Sandy

    Collection of Field Data Hardened shoreline is identified

    using NOAA Environmental Sensitivity Index from the Tappan Zee Bridge to Troy.

    The field assessment targets hardened shoreline associated with developed industrial areas and riverfront communities.

    Information is collected utilizing a LEICA GPS data logger.

    The Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Project (HRSSP) develops science-based recommendations for shore zone management that preserve or enhance ecologicalvalue. HRSSP Demonstration Site Network showcases innovative shoreline designs and best management practices to enhance habitat value and shoreline resiliencyfor the challenges of climate change and sea level rise. Additional candidate shore zones for the Demonstration Site Network are now being identified through thePriority Shoreline Inventory to show the efficacy of sustainable shoreline designs.

    Information Collected Location name, Date Distance to channel Distance at 2m depth Depth at shoreline Fetch Infrastructure presence Shoreline condition Human land use Shoreline and aquatic


    Coxsackie Boat Launch

    Foundry Dock Park

    Habirshaw Park & Tidal


    Harlem River Park Hunts Point


    Esopus Meadows Preserve

    Background Information The Sustainable Shoreline Demonstration Site

    Network highlights innovative shoreline stabilization techniques.

    Objectives of Demonstration Sites: Maintain and enhance important

    ecological services Provide resilience to physical forces Be cost-competitive with traditional

    approaches Accommodate human use

    There are currently 7 sites, shown in the map in the center.

    Sites are publicly accessible and case studies with design details are available on our website.

    Athens Kayak & Canoe Launch

    Visit for more information

    Pink lines indicate shoreline that has been armored near Poughkeepsie and Highland.

    Identifying Priority ShorelinesInformation collected will be used to identify priority

    candidate locations for Shoreline Demonstration Sites.

    Valuable Infrastructure Present

    +Shoreline Vegetation &

    SAV Present+

    Degrading Shoreline=

    Priority Shoreline Hardened Shoreline at Henry Hudson park, in the town of Bethlehem.

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