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I.P.S.I.A. “G. Galilei” Gravina in Puglia, S.S.96 Km 72,100 I.T.C.S. “V. Bachelet” Gravina in Puglia, Via V. Bachelet s.n. ISTITUTO DI ISTRUZIONE SECONDARIA SUPERIORE 70024 - GRAVINA IN PUGLIA (BA) Ufficio di Presidenza: Via V. Bachelet s.n., tel. 0803266068 Ufficio di Segreteria: Via V. Bachelet s.n., Tel e fax 0803264276

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  • 1. I.P.S.I.A. G. Galilei Gravina in Puglia, S.S.96 Km 72,100 I.T.C.S. V. Bachelet Gravina in Puglia, Via V. Bachelet s.n. ISTITUTO DI ISTRUZIONE SECONDARIA SUPERIORE 70024 - GRAVINA IN PUGLIA (BA) Ufficio di Presidenza: Via V. Bachelet s.n., tel. 0803266068 Ufficio di Segreteria: Via V. Bachelet s.n., Tel e fax 0803264276

2. 3. 2007/08 Schools exchanging experience TERRITORY SCHOOL FAIRY TACE 4. Where ? 5. Gravina in Puglia I s a town located in the region of passage. Puglia, stretching out beside the sea, a peninsula in the peninsula,land between two seas, balcony over the Mediterranean, crossed by a thousand routes, which remind us of memorable pilgrimages in myth and history. The mysterious ones made by the Pelasgics, the mythical landfalls of the Cretans and the Greeks, the literary voyages of the Aeneid and the Odyssey, but also theistorical migrations of the Japigi, Dauni, Peucezi and the Messapi 6. Puglia Coast 7. Bari Cattedrale 8. Bari lungomare 9. Trani 10. 11. Trulli: Houses in Alberobello 12. The caves of Castellana 13. Castel del Monte 14. Taranto: The bridge 15. Lecce: Piazza Duomo 16.

  • Gravina in Puglia is an Italian town situated in the South of italy in the region Puglia.
  • It is surrounded by the western Murgia and there is a river called la gravina
  • It has got about43.671 inhabitants
  • Gravina plays a crucialrole in Apulia because of its unique landscape calcareous land, caves, and terraces that made it the seat for the National Park of Murgia (Parco Nazionale Alta Murgia).


  • Gravina was founded by the Greeks;during the colonization ofGreater Greece , as apoliswith the right of a mint of his own. The Romans conquered it after the3rdSamniteWar(305 BC). TheViaAppia , which linked Rome to Brindisi, passed through Gravina.
  • Several pots, vases, and antiques were found in the graves archaeological sites which are part of Gravinas territory. You can find in the thown museum Ettore Pomarici Santomasi an exhibition of all archaeological relics.
  • Gravina is the place of Grain and Grapefor excellence ; in fact, the emperor Federico II coined the city crest.
  • From 1386 to 1816 it was a fief of theOrsinifamily: the popeBenedictXIII(Pietro Francesco Orsini) was born here in 1649. The feudal oppression led to numerous riots, in particular from1789until theunificationofItaly .
  • Gravina was partly destroyed by Allied bombings duringWorld War II .

18. This is its coat of arms The motto given to the city of Gravina byEmperor FrederickII , isGrana dat et vina( Latina : "It gives grain and wine"). 19. IsGravinaonlyabunchofcaves?? 20. 21. 22. Bridging the gap past, present future generations 23. 24. We feel protectedsaints in rocky churches 25. Lets have a walk . 26. 27. 28. 29. A little privacy in a hidden corner.. 30. Many churches 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. The ruins of Frederich II's castle in Gravina 39. 40. 41. Museo "E. Pomarici Santomasi" 42. 43. Pugliese Gastronomy 44. 45. 46. 47. COMENIUS 2007/08 Schools exchanging experience TERRITORY SCHOOL FAIRY TACE 48. 49. 50. I. I. S. S.3 6 Lab experts 7 7Co-operators 16 5 24 classrooms 304 116 522 Students 54 10 72 Teachers IPSIA SIRIO ITC 51.

  • ITC
  • IGEA
  • Qualified accountant
  • accountant and programmer
  • ITER
  • Technical tourism expert
  • Sirio (serale)
  • Qualified accountant

IPSIA 3 years: Mechanic operator Electronic operator Fashion operator Diploma3 years + 2 years Mechanic expert Electronic expert Fashion expert Job Post-degree courses College / University INDIRIZZI DI STUDIO 52. The Headmaster 53. The Vice-Headmaster 54. Administrative offices director 55. Offices and collaborators 56. We only women into our officesjust kidding hire 57. 58. Spots 59. Teacher room..too crowded 60. I told you..we do prefer girls! 61. Libraryhow come noone in here..?! 62. we are so keen on sports.. 63. Science labs 64. Computer room 65. Maths lab..genius we are! 66. They say Practice languages We reply wed rather leave! 67. Fashion lab.. Italian canteach how to get dressed! 68. Comenius Project 69. 70. 71. The mayor supports Comenius 72. Gravinas folkloreshall we dance?! 73. 74. Policemen instructionsdont be illegal! 75. COMENIUS 2007/08 Schools exchanging experience TERRITORY SCHOOL FAIRY TACE 76. The story ofEleanor andthe kingof Winter by Xenos 77. 78. In the fairyland an everlasting Spring used to light up the subjects life, and everyone enjoyed a cheerful prosperity.The magic and enchantment of jewelled palaces and fabulous gardens crowded with trees laden with fruits were though overshadowed by the overwhelming belle Eleanor, the Princess whose beauty had no equal. One day, the King of Winter was flying across the clouds escorted by the icy wind when his eagle-eye captured her and suddenly he couldnt help but falling in love with the belle. He then asked to marry the Princess but she didnt accept and told him kindly she would never leave her fathers land, a land devoted to water nymphs, gnomes and fairies.. The king of Winter flew into such a rage that he had the Spring land caught into a deadly darkening freeze, and everything turned into ice, death and darkness. If I cant marry the belle Eleanor, Spring will disappear forever! he icily shouted himself hoarse. Then he decided to go and live on his own into a fortress built in the mountains, waiting for her to be pushed into his arms. Meanwhile, in the magic land, the once cheerful subjects, fairies and all animals in the woods were going through hard times suffering like they were not used to. 79. My dear daughter the wise King said to Eleanor Im afraid we have no choice, and youll have to get married and live with him in his land; you must leave us but your supreme sacrifice shall give our land its Spring back as well as all the joy which we barely remember with longing. Eleanor thus accepted to make the supreme sacrifice; her favourite horse was saddled and some escort provided to take her across the mountains toward the cruel kings fortress. An everlasting storm surrounded the mountains but as soon as the eagles foretold the coming of the belle Eleanor, thewinds and fog cleared up and the Princess was accompanied by a fine bright day, as there used to be once.She reached the icy fortress and was warmly welcomed by the Lord of the Storm; he honoured her with charm and sweetness longing for sadness to leave the belle Princess, and again in vain. Then he said If you accept to marry me,you might spend a part of the year in your fatherland bringing along Spring and hot Summer.But you must come back to me and then in your magic land my own seasons will replace yours. There shall come the melancholic Fall and the Winter of hibernation for all living beings. Princess Eleanor accepted and thus the four seasons followed, and after every Winter there comes the Spring. 80. Eleonor: I love my people and I shall do whatever to make them happy 81. Winter 82.


Autumn 83. Summer 84. Spring 85. A cura di: Dirigente Scolastico: prof. Tommaso Montefusco Insegnanti: prof.ssa Silvia Giovanniello (coordinatrice) prof.ssa Angela Simone prof.ssa Calabrese Filomena prof.ssa Giorgio Rosalia alunni: Anacleto Fedele, Deninno Monica, DAmbrosio Pamela, Fioretti Veronica,Lorusso MilenaLoverre Pamela, Loverre Emilia, Liguigli Mariagrazia, Matera Girolamo, Ninivaggi Andrea, Puzziferri Francesco, Ricciarelli Mariateresa, Toscano Francesco. Assistente tecnico di laboratorio: Cardano Antonio Immagini fiaba: Gravina Bosco Riserva grande di Gravina Parco Nazionale dellAlta Murgia Sandro Botticelli: La Primavera Vestiti: Associazione Monfort, Gravina