Come sopravvivere a una apocalisse zombie static

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  • Come preparare e caricare correttamente le immagini sia per la velocit che il SEO

    Milano 16 ottobre 2016 TAG Calabiana

    (R)Evolution Camp 2016 #RevCamp


  • Come sopravvivere a una apocalisse ZOMBIE

    Milano 16 ottobre 2016 TAG Calabiana

    (R)Evolution Camp 2016 #RevCamp

  • Wolly aka

    Paolo Valenti

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  • I virus ZOMBIE

    Virus Zombie


    Virus Z


  • CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention

    Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

  • Acqua: 3,5 litri a persona per giorno

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  • Adoro i piani ben riusciti!

  • Punto di ritrovoIn caso di catastrofi utile sapere se ci sono dei punti di ritrovo

    predisposti dalle autorit. I comuni ad alto rischio dovrebbero avere un piano di evacuazione che comprende anche i punti di ritrovo

  • Predisporre sempre le vie di fuga

  • Proteggersi e conoscere il nemico

  • SOPRAVVIVERELa guerra persa, bisogna sopravvivere

  • La scienza viene in nostro aiuto

  • Axe vs. Gun

    Myth Status Notes

    An axe is a more effective weapon against a horde of zombies than a gun.


    In preparation for testing and to ensure the zombie volunteers' safety, Adam and Jamie fashioned plastic masks to protect the volunteers' faces from paintball gunshots, while Adam fashioned an axehead out of foam that would leave a paint mark when used to strike. Additionally, Michael Rooker coached the volunteers in the "zombie shuffle" form of movement that would be used consistently for all tests throughout the episode.

    For the test itself, Adam and Jamie marked off a "human zone" 30 feet (9.1 m) in diameter inside a hangar. On start, the zombies would approach the human zone, with Adam and Jamie forbidden from engaging a zombie until it entered the human zone. Adam (using the foam axe) averaged 14 kills across two runs, while Jamie (using a modified shotgun) only averaged 7 kills across two runs. Despite declaring the myth confirmed, Adam and Jamie would acknowledge practical limitations and issues with the parameters of the test in the episode's aftershow.

  • Dead Heat

    Myth Status Notes

    It is impossible to outrun or escape from a massively large zombie horde.


    The Build Team set up a post-apocalyptic obstacle course on the Alameda runway in which 150 zombie volunteers would be dispersed over varying amounts of space to simulate various population densities. The volunteers were given a set of rules for their behavior gleaned from information Tory received in a consultation with The Walking Dead SFX artist Gregory Nicotero. The zombie threat was simulated by small brains attached to their clothes; allowing a zombie to grab one would be counted as failure. Kari successfully crossed a horde similar in density to the population of Manhattan, while Tory survived a horde the density of overpopulated areas of Mumbai. However, Grant, faced with the highest density known to mankind 180,000 people per square mile was unsuccessful in escaping the horde.

    The team then tried various techniques to see if they could divert the horde's attention away from them so as to successfully traverse this largest population density. Kari used Tory as a sacrifice and Grant used a robotic decoy; both tactics were successful. Tory opted to disguise himself as a zombie and blend in with the horde, but was recognized midway through his run and could not escape. Despite this, the team declared the myth busted since the horde could be escaped from through both speed and technique.

  • Power of the Push

    Myth Status Notes

    A zombie horde can collectively force their way through any barricaded door.


    For this test, Adam and Jamie placed a steel frame inside the archway of a nineteenth-century barn as a place to install a series of double-doored gateways. The safety precautions for this test involved all zombie volunteers (and Adam, who participated in this test as one of the zombies) wearing cutouts of polyethylene sewer pipes, in order to prevent the volunteers from accidentally stumbling over and being trampled. On the first run, using rickety wood doors held in place by a single two-by-four, the doors gave way almost immediately when the zombie horde haphazardly pushed up against it. The second run, using doors of more robust wood with a single two-by-four, didn't fare much better, as it gave way with a single coordinated push by the horde. However, after Jamie and Michael reinforced the second set of doors with as much available wood as was on hand, the horde was unable to penetrate the doors on the third run, thus busting the myth.

  • Armi da fuoco

    Buone contro esseri viventi

    Poco efficaci contro grandi gruppi di zombie


    Difficolt a reperire il munizionamento

  • Armi da taglio

    Ottime contro gli Zombie

    Efficaci contro gruppi di Zombie


    Pi facili da reperire e non devono essere ricaricate

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    Sceglili con cura

  • Wolly

    Sopravvivere. Sopravvivere. Sopravvivere.

  • Tutti gli altri essere umani sono nemici

    Mai fidarsi degli altri

    Il tuo gruppo lunica cosa che conta

    Anche gli altri vogliono sopravvivere

    Mors tua, vita mea

  • Fine delle comodit nel giro di qualche mese/anno

    Niente elettricit

    Niente riscaldamento

    Niente mezzi di trasporto a motore

    Niente carburanti

    Niente cibo

  • Last, but not least

    Corri, corri e ancora corri!