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  • 8/11/2019 4 Pinocchio - Score


    Ferrer Ferran

    PinocchioSymphonic SuiteConcert Band

  • 8/11/2019 4 Pinocchio - Score


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  • 8/11/2019 4 Pinocchio - Score


    Ferrer Ferran was born in 1966, in Valencia, Spain. When he was only fifteen years old, he had

    already graduated as a pianist and percussionist. He also obtained diplomas in the fields of chamber

    music and accompaniment. He received a degree in composition and conducting from the Royal

    Academy of Music in Great Britain.

    Ferran has performed all over Spain as a soloist, together with chamber ensembles, and accompanyinggreat international soloists. He works with a number of Spanish symphony orchestras. Furthermore,

    he is active as a composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Msica

    de Valencia in Spain. Ferran specialises in composition and accompaniment.

    He has written many compositions, inter alia for ensemble, choir, chamber orchestra,

    and symphonic wind orchestra the premires have mostly been performed by renowned

    ensembles. Various works from Ferrans pen have been selected as test pieces for important

    contests and festivals. He has won various composition awards and accolades as well, such as the

    one given by Juventudes Musicales de Espaa(Young Musicians of Spain). He also won a number

    of prizes in Corciano (Italy).

    Ferrans compositions have been released by publishing houses in Spain, France, and theNetherlands. Since 2002, his works have been published under the label Ibermsica.

    The Adventures of Pinocchioby Italian author Carlo Collodi is considered a classic of childrens literature and has spawned many

    derivative works of art. Spanish composer Ferrer Ferrans symphonic suite is a musical version of the story. It takes us through

    the mischievous adventures of Pinocchio, a wooden marionette who finally becomes a real boy with a loving heart.

    Collodis novel has received a great deal of critical attention; whether seen as a political allegory or a satire on the strict

    education of the times. Most critics would agree with Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce:The wood out of which Pinocchio is

    carved is humanity itself. It is a fable of human life; a forceful struggle between good and evil, sin and repentance, temptation,

    easiness, generosity, selfishness and altruism.

    This suite consists of four movements:

    I. Pinocchio, Geppetto and the Talking Cricket

    II. The Fairy with Turquoise Hair

    III. The Field of Miracles

    IV. The Land of Toys, The Terrible Dogfish, Finally He Becomes a Boy

    The clarity of scene and rich colours are just spectacular. Ferrans music is dramatic, passionate, intense, sweet, fascinating,

    and reflective. Each movement of the work is accompanied by a short text for a better understanding of the development and

    therefore a better performance.

    Biography & Program note

    Ferrer Ferran


  • 8/11/2019 4 Pinocchio - Score


    I. Pinocchio, Geppetto and the Talking Cricket

    Bar 1: Always remember that true magic lies in our hearts

    Bar 7: Once upon a time a kind old woodcarver named Geppetto carved a new wooden puppet.

    Bar 13: But not just any new puppet; a puppet like no other.

    Bar 21: This is the way the story of Pinocchio begins.

    Bar 25: Pinocchio talks and is able to move on his own. He is a puppet with a loving heart

    Bar 32: and feelings.

    Bar 36: Pinocchio is a lively, happy-go-lucky puppet boy with a simple wish: to become a real boy.

    Bar 42: His youthful innocence gets him involved in all kinds of astonishing adventures. The Talking Cricket, his guardian angel and conscience

    keeps a watchful eye on him.

    II. The Fairy with Turquoise Hair

    Bar 1: The Fairy with Turquoise Hair protects Pinocchio.

    Bar 12: Pinocchio is upset. Hes always drawn into frightening adventures.

    Bar 16: But the Fairy is always by his side.

    Bar 21: Pinocchio thinks of his father. He misses him very much.

    Bar 29: Unfortunately, he hasnt learnt his lesson well enough. His friends again tempt him into making the wrong choices.

    Bar 34: And the Fairy rescues him once more.

    Bar 37: The Turquoise Fairy is so kind to him that he would wish her to be his beloved mother.

    Bar 62: Pinocchio regrets what he has done. He is not a bad boy, but temptation easily overrides his good intentions.

    Bar 78: Feeling sorry for him, the Fairy helps him and forgives him.

    III. The Field of Miracles

    Bar 1: As Pinocchio hurries homewards, he meets a fox and a cat.

    Bar 15: The two malevolent scoundrels hatch a plot, telling Pinocchio that if he plants his gold coins in the Field of Miracles, they will grow

    into a money tree.

    Bar 38: Off they all go to the Field of Miracles.

    Bar 57: Pinocchio is greatly frightened. Two bandits try to rob him and to murder him.Bar 75: He escapes with the assistance of the Fairy, and promises her to study and to behave himself.

    Bar 80: The Fairy promises him that, on the morrow, he will cease to be a marionette and become a boy.

    Bar 84: A queer sound can be heard, soft as a little bell, and muffled like the buzz of a trumpet.

    Bar 85: A wagon arrives. It is drawn by twelve pairs of donkeys.

    Bar 112: Once more Pinocchio is tempted by his best friend, Lampwick, into accompanying him to the Land of Toys. He agrees, forgetting all

    promises to the Fairy.

    IV. The Land of Toys, The Terrible Dogfish, Finally He Becomes a Boy

    Bar 1: This great land is entirely different from any other place in the world. It is a beautiful land; a land full of light.

    Bar 11: It is composed entirely of boys. In the streets, there is such joy, such a racket. All the boys are playing.

    Bar 47: Some boys laugh, shout for joy, whistle with happiness.Bar 53: The squares are filled with canvas theatres, huge carousel horses and big wheels.

    Bar 79: Within a short while, Pinocchio has become a donkey. He is thrown into the sea.

    Bar 98: When the Fairy sees Pinocchio is about to drown, she sends a shoal of big fish to eat away all the donkey flesh.

    Bar 107: They naturally come to the bones or rather, in this case, to the wood.

    Bar 115: Happy to be a wooden puppet again, Pinocchio swims as hard as he can toward a white rock. High on this rock stands a little goat

    beckoning the marionette to come to her.

    Bar 126: He is almost halfway over, when suddenly a sea monster sticks its horrible head out of the water, showing three rows of gleaming teeth.

    Bar 140: Pinocchio swims faster and faster. Alas! He is swallowed by the Terrible Dogfish.

    Bar 148: Wandering through the stomach of the dogfish, he finally meets his beloved father. Oh, Father, dear Father! Have I found you at last?

    Now I shall never, never leave you again!

    Bar 167: Pinocchio and Geppetto try to run out of the dogfishs mouth and dive into the sea, but they fail.

    Bar 175: They finally succeed in escaping on their second attempt. Lifting Geppetto onto his shoulders, Pinocchio swims swiftly away.Bar 182: They reach land as soon as possible.

    Bar 198: After saving his father, and behaving like a good boy, Pinocchio is rewarded. He dreams of his dear Fairy, and wishes she would forgive

    him his mischief.

    Bar 205: At that very moment, Pinocchio awakes and opens wide his eyes.

    Bar 210: He sees that he is no longer a marionette, but that he has become a real boy!

  • 8/11/2019 4 Pinocchio - Score


    Ferrer Ferran naci en Valencia, Espaa, en 1966. A los quince aos ya haba terminado sus

    estudios de pianista y percusionista. Luego, obtuvo diplomas en el campo de msica de cmara y

    acompaamiento, adems de ser licenciado en composicin y direccin por The Royal Academy of